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East-Timor-Conflict Background: The invasion of the Indonesian military on December the 7th 1975 produced an armed conflict. After the invasion followed the annexation on 17th of Juli 1976. About a third of 690,000 inhabitants died through hunger and sickness. The US-American Scientist Noam Chomsky said the Indonesian occupying forces is guilty for the “ maybe highest deathrate related to the total population since the Holocaust”. For your engagement for a peaceful solution of the conflict the East Timorese bishop …

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…winner, Ximenes Belo, was set on fire. The bishop sought refugee in Baucau, though he was impotent to save the hundreds of refugees in his frontyard, now facing death or deportation to West Timor, like so many before them. More than 1,000 refugees were sheltered at the UNAMET compound in Dili, and the UN convoys were shot at in the road to the airport. On the verge of independence, East Timor is facing a new genocide.