"EVOL" by Sameer Bhavnani.

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EVOL Love could be made up of many human emotions, developing more after hitting puberty. A child's love is more innocent that an adult's love, as a child could not possibly understand love. Most adults don't understand love, but rather rely on a description of someone else's experience. Adults try to understand new concepts as something more familiar, like math. If you look at love as a math problem, it can easily be split. The …

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…children, as their children support their dream of having a family and giving love. All things we love support us in one way or the other, but can easily be mistaken, as someone finding love in crack and feel they will die without it. All love is lost sooner or later; you just better know how to deal with it before it's too late. Works Citied: Gwynn, R.S.. Poetry: A Pocket Anthology. Penguin Academics, 2002.