EDGAR ALLAN POE: LIFE AND WORKS This is about the life and the works of the poet edgar allan poe, i basically describe his life and how it effected what and how he wrote.

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Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts and died October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland. His mom was Eliza (Elizabeth) Poe and his dad was David Poe, both were involved with the Federal street theater. David Poe had a reputation for drinking. Elizabeth Poe was an orphan, her first husband, an actor had died, then she married David, and was dying all when she was only twenty-four years old. The three kids William Henry …

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…in the poem...as Pallas again invokes Allan, and Lenore, like the earlier tale "Eleonora" and the poem "Lenore," touches on the name of William Henry Leonard. Throughout Poe's life there has been death and gloom, death as in the loss of his mother, his foster mother, and even his wife Virginia. The theme to "Annabel Lee" and "The Raven" are similar to those in his life. Therefore his life affected the way he wrote.