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The FCC E911 Regulation is Essential for Consumers and Telecommunications Industry In June of 1996, the FCC proposed a mandate for E-911 services. The wireless E911 order provides value-added service for all cellular phone users and consumers. This regulation has designed to implement 911 requirements for cellular, PCS and SMR carriers. The FCC has established telecommunication regulations to provide 911 access to consumers. The requirements have been planned in a three-stage deployment process. However, it was later revamped …

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…from somewhere. Most consumers will activate the phones, even just basic service. This increases revenues for the cellular providers. There is a silver lining for everyone with the regulation. Bibliography Pottorf, Callie. Location-Based Services. International Data Corporation. September 1998. URL: Http;// The New York Times. Old Cell phones Provide 911 Calls. Page 5 Column 6, March 16, 2000. c. 2000 NewYork Times, Company. Sprint PCS Announces E911 Solution. November 9, 2000. Sprint PCS News URL: http://intranet/sprintspectrum.com/newsbreaks/