Dynasties. this is a compare and contrast of the Ottoman, Ming, and various european dynasties, very brief and to the point.

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Dynasties During the 14th and 15th centuries due to a confluence of events it became possible to rule over a great many people with relative ease. A few individuals--who were ahead of their time--recognized this potential and put it to the test. What ensued were dynasties. A dynasty occurred when individuals or a group of individuals was able to take control of a large land mass and population and develops it into a single unified …

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…royalty and clergy who for the most part sustained little to no punishment. The dynasties of the 14th and 15th centuries developed in similar ways. They all began with the expansion of territory and population. Once the population was analyzed the establishment of language came next. With language in place common laws were created and for the most part enforced. When the dust cleared, what remained were three of the most powerful societies in world.