Dylan Thomas' "Fern Hill".

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Fern Hill, Or: Nothing Green Can Stay "Fern Hill" is a touching and sad reminiscence of Dylan Thomas' childhood, as well as a wistful lament on one of man's saddest and most inevitable woes: the loss of innocence. Thomas describes the farm as if he were a young boy again, feeling and experiencing again the same magical moments that filled his childhood. The poem is filled with the imaginative fantasies of a little boy - …

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…closing stanza he seems to have come back to reality, mournful of the death of his former self. He pines for those days of perfect innocence, and especially for the absence of worry. Though he currently knows that his youthful light was just an illusion, he admires it simply by virtue of its unlimited happiness and energy, and it seems that he would even prefer it to his current state - aware, mature, and broken-hearted.