Dwight D Eisenhower's presidency with bibliography

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Dwight D Eisenhower was Americas 34th president. He was a commander and general in WWII. As president he made significant changes and actions during his two terms. As president Eisenhower ended the Korean War. When he was inaugurated the war was already going on and about 20000 soldiers where already killed or missing. He made a trip to Korea and saw that there would be no progress because both sides were well trenched in. He negotiated …

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…momentum. As a leader Eisenhower never went towards extremes, preferring rather to find a middle ground on his problem. He believed that the extremes to the right and to the left in any political dispute are always wrong. As we get to the 50th anniversary of his presidency we remember all the great things he did as president. Bibliography ·"Dwight D. Eisenhower" by D. Clayton Brown 1998 ·"Eisenhower" by Harold Stassen and Marshall Houts 1990 ·Microsoft Encarta