Durham Cathedral.

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Standing on a cliff overlooking the River Wear in England, Durham Cathedral began construction in 1093 A.D. and was finally completed in 1133. It was intentionally built just to the south of Durham Castle, so that the two buildings together would present a formidable defensive position against attacks from the north. Because of the constant threat of violence, the architect who designed it was slow to incorporate the light and airy Gothic style present in cathedral …

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…and 1490 was the last major work done to the Cathedral before the Reformation began. Above the ribbed vaulting is the bell-ringers' chamber, and above that, the belfry with its ten bells. The total external height of the Central Tower is 67 meters, holding 325 steps to the top. Durham Cathedral remains an excellent example of medieval Norman architecture, in addition to still functioning fully as an ornate place of worship and tribute with its many prominent features.