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Duane Hanson and His Works A traditional model for sculptors have been human figures. These figures would glamourize, and epitomize physical beauty. Duane Hanson (1925-1996) chooses to do otherwise. He depicts contemporary American people in his work. His highly realistic figures mirrors the grotesque, the mundane, the monotonous, and the vulgarity characterized by American society. To create his realistic figures, Hanson first has his model shaved of body hair. Vaseline is then applied; a silicone …

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…example) is created. The body parts are glued together with hot vinyl and imperfections repaired with a soldering iron, small files, and sandpaper. Detailed color on the flesh is painted on with an airbrush and oil paint. Wigs are generally used because the vinyl is flexible enough for human or synthetic hairs to be poked into. This gives the scalp, or any other part of body which produces hair, an illusion of able hair growth.