Drugs and the internet

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Drugs and the Internet Since the beginning of the twentieth century, ever generation has had its own personality; its own new fad to inspire a whole new group of children and young adults, and to drive the elders crazy. The twenties had the Charleston, the fifties sported huge neon blue and pink finned automobiles. The sixties invented the hippie craze, and the seventies inspired the world with the magically funkadelic sounds of disco. The eighties …

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…thinks, including the right to encourage and promote a better experience with drug use. With the small exception of websites that actually sell illegal drug materials, websites promoting drug use are scribed into the right of every individual, whether he or she is composing or reading. The government, U.S. or otherwise, has no ethical basis whatsoever to restrict, ban, modify, or monitor any of these sites based on encouragement of illegal drug use alone.