Dressing Appropriately

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Dressing Appropriately In high school, there were the preps, the skaters, and the burnouts, just to name a few. These groups were not only distinguished by the way they acted, but they were also differentiated by the way they dressed. By looking at a particular student in high school, one could probably infer the clique he/she belonged to. So if a person had on big, baggy pants with a oversized T-shirt that had a …

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…the occasion’. I would not go to a formal party or job interview with jeans or to a golf course with cut off shorts or to a flamboyant night club dressed wearing khakis and a sweater, for if I did I would offend others. That is why there is no such thing as an appropriate style of dress(in general). There is though, a thing called an appropriate style of dress for a specific occasion.