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Dracula by: Bram Stoker Bram Stokerís Dracula is a literary classic, which has stood the test of time. Dracula, written in 1897, refers to mythical creatures, which in the 20th century have important scientific merit. Dracula is a novel, which is more appealing to modern readers then it was to readers of the past, who could not fully appreciate it because of the way in which the society has evolved. It is a classic novel …

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…was thus developing the character slowly for the reader. The intrigue built into his character intensified the mystery. Suspense was used extensively throughout the novel. The book is probed deeply into peopleís superstitions, fears, and beliefs of the supernatural, and how others are skeptic to them, and proved wrong. In all, Dracula is a clever, exciting, and suspenseful that uses a ruthless villain to terrify you but forces you to read more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**