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Douglass In Frederick Douglass’ writings I learned that his physical struggles and his writing as resistance are nearly parallel. When Douglass is living in Baltimore with the Auld family, Mrs. Auld began to teach him the alphabet. After this was discovered by Mr. Auld, the teaching ceased, and Douglass was carefully watched to be sure that he was not reading when alone. Despite this, Douglass was insistent upon learning to read because he knew that …

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…one of Douglass’ physical struggles was his fight with Mr. Covey. “My resistance was so entirely unexpected, that Covey seemed taken all aback.”(p.78) After winning this “victory” Douglass felt as he did when learning to read. It made him feel sure of himself, and it made him feel like a real person in charge of his own destiny. “It was a glorious resurrection, from the tomb of slavery, to the heaven of freedom.”(p.79)