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Certainly it is true that self-centredness and surprise are at the heart of Donne's poetry. This is especially true of "The Sunne Rising" and "The Flea". Self- centredness, that is, the persona placing his desires ahead of everything else, plays a pivotal role in molding Donne's work. This arrogance carries through in his conceit and hyperbole. In "The Sunne Rising" , Donne argues that the lovers are the world, whilst in "The Flea" the persona attempts …

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…stanza (after realising that the sunne will not merely go away) Donne accepts the sunne's presence only if 'its duties be' to exclusively warm the two lovers. After an initial contemptuous attack on the sunne, Donne manages to control his argument- This does not merely surprise but reveal Donne's exceptional wit. Similarly, the argument that the persona's mistress should sacrifice her virginity because according to a flea they are married is shocking and thus surprising.