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Olympic report on Dominique Dawes I decided to do my report on Dominique Dawes. She has been one of my favorite gymnasts since I was little. I have used to want to be just like her. I was in gymnastics for 7 years and then when I was left to land on my head in middle of a back tuck I decided I would quite gymnastics. I still regret quitting though I can not do most …

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…routine. She had perfected landings had not fallen off once and landed perfect on her dismount but still only got 4th. If she had more challenging things on her routine I think that she could have gotten another gold medal. Dominique began gymnastics in 1983. She is now 23 years old and the oldest member on our gymnastic team. Most of those years that she has been in gymnastics her coach has been Kelli Hill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**