Dodd's Characterizations of the Vietnam War

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It is apparent in his essay that Dodd is a devoted citizen and representative of his country. Through his characterizations of Americans, Communists, and Vietnamese in his speech given to the Senate in 1965, his patriotism and love of his country becomes even more clarified. With these three different groups- the Americans, the Communists, and the Vietnamese- Dodd describes the perfect situation of a fairy tale story of any damsel in distress. I do not say …

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…their national liberty, and being oppressed by the Communists. Unable to fend for themselves, therefore, Americans must come to the aid of the Vietnamese. Dodd gives many valid reasons for continuing the war in Vietnam. These reasons are based upon his characterizations of American’s, Communists, and Vietnamese. Because of the three’s positions and strength- as the hero, the damsel, and the villain- Dodd finds that it is America’s duty to defend Vietnam.