Do Trends Ever Really Die

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Bell Bottoms, beads, polyester, and bandannas - items that defined the seventies, and the nineties? Throughout time cultures have copied the earlier generations trends. Big Band music and swing music both originated in the nineteen twenties, but once again became popular in the nineties. A fashion trend that is dying out very quickly is the wearing of baggy pants. They are pants that seem to fit in the waist, but then drastically get larger. The …

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…name a few. People that wear baggy pants now are usually ravers or skateboarders, but when the pants come back into style, all types of people will wear them. The pants will be the biggest craze of the twenties (2020s). The style of wearing baggy pants has been around for the past 4 to 5 years and has seen its better days. The style is quickly fading out, but not to worry, it will return in time.