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Maltin, Leonard. (1973). The Disney Films. New York: Bonanza Books. 300 Pages, 229 Illustrations. This book examines Disney feature films, Disney TV shows, and Disney TV shorts. It includes background (history) material, and when possible, interviews with individuals who assisted with the producing, directing, or acting in the particular film being reviewed. The author did not want to merely reprint previous reviews of the films. Therefore, he compiled his own critiques and balanced them with references to previous …

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…I began to read this book. However, I became intrigued by the extensive processes which the Disney Production Company took in the making of their films, especially their animated films. I would recommend this book to others. This book enlightened me in many ways to the difficulties in producing films that are ethical, moral, and entertaining. However, mostly it gave me a deep sense of admiration and appreciation for my favorite Disney films. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**