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Table of Contents I. What Walt Disney World Represents II. What I Did and How I Learned A. Traditions and Discovery Day B. Working as a Custodial Hostess C. Working as a Cast Member D. Working as a College Program Student E. Comparing Walt Disney World To Other Theme Parks 1. Busch Gardens 2. Sea World 3. Universal Studios 4. Walt Disney World Corporation III. How This Internship Related to Illinois State University A. Marketing Management B. International Marketing …

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…needs, and desires of the guests. The Walt Disney World Corporation is truely an expert in providing excellence in guest service and in entertainment. I am extremely pleased I got a chance to be a part of the magic, and I plan on continuing to work on a Casual Temporary basis with Disney indefinitely. They have always know just how to market their services to me, and I love being a part of this corporation.