Discussion of Theoretical Perspectives in Danby, S. (1996). Constituting social membership: Two readings of talk in an early childhood classroom. Language and Education, 10(2&3), 151-170.

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Introduction <Tab/>The above paper is based on two alternative readings interpreted through the traditional early childhood pedagogy and ideas from feminist post-structuralism. This paper seeks to explore some limitations of the traditional early childhood pedagogy in addressing gender issues by comparing it with the feminist post-structuralist approach. A brief introduction to each theoretical perspective will first be given. Developmental psychology is central to traditional early childhood pedagogy. Traditional early childhood …

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…education. New South Wales: Allen & Unwin. Silin, J. (1995). Developmentalism and the aims of education. Sex death and the education of children: Our passion for ignorance in the age of AIDS. New York: Teachers College Press, pp. 81-109. Walkerdine, V. (1987). Sex, power and pedagogy. In M. Arnot & G. Weiner (eds.). Gender and the politics of schooling. London: Hutchinson, pp. 166-174. Weedon, C. (1997). Feminist practice and poststructuralist theory, 2nd edition. Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishers.