Discuss the xylem and phloem. (Structure, Changes in the Xylem of Woody Plants, Transport)

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Xylem Structure Xylem's structure serves a duel purpose; support and transport. Cells that will become xylem add more material to the primary cell walls that most plant cells lay down. The thicker walls can be either disconnected rings or extensive secondary cell walls that cover the cell almost completely. Secondary thickenings are made up of cellulose and lignin. Lignin is a tough organic compound that makes wood strong and dense. When the cell walls of …

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…the chambers had only water and the other had a sucrose solution. When the two chambers were submerged into plain water, water entered the chamber with the sucrose through osmosis. This caused the solution to rise into the arm and flow to the other chamber taking sucrose with it. In a plant there are areas that are sucrose sources that constantly make sugar and there's other areas that are sucrose sinks, where sucrose is consumed.