Discuss the positive and negative social and economic consequences of the Industrial Revolution in Europe.

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The industrial revolution had a great impact on Europe, especially when it comes to social and economic aspects, since they underwent a great change during the period. Still, whether the industrial revolution was positive or negative as a whole depends on if you focus on either of these two aspects. Optimists will say that it was good, and they'll focus on the favourable consequences on economy. Pessimists, however, will focus on social aspects, since society …

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…and thus migrated into the cities. Population increase in urban areas, however, didn't always match the increasing need for workers in industries; many people were left without a job and thus had to resort to crime to be able to survive. It is clear that the Industrial Revolution had a great impact on people's lives throughout Europe. A capitalist economy flourished, while workers suffered unhealthy conditions as they struggled to survive in a changing society.