Discuss the Development of Piano Lit From 1830 to WWII

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During the 1820s, revolutionary movements overthrew many governments in Europe including Spain, Naples, the Ottoman Empire, and eventually Russia. In 1830, Paris was experiencing the July Revolution where Charles X was overthrown and Louis Philippe was proclaimed the “citizen king.” The new ruler allowed more flexible tolerance for new ideas than any other country during this time. Paris felt these effects in a positive way as this flexibility in mindset allowed Paris to nurture and develop …

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…example, prior to the mid 1820s, Shakespeare was looked at in a negative manner, but due to the revolutionary movements in the Parisian society, these works and others originating from foreign lands were influential as a catalyst for creativity and greatly effected the development of piano literature, performance practices, and other related factions. Many great composers, artists, and musicians were nurtured by this environment making Paris a major factor in the development of piano literature.