Discuss in detail Polanski's interpretation of Act One, Scene One of "Macbeth" and say how effective you found it.

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William Shakespeare is generally renowned as being the finest poet and playwright in the English language, and also being the world's most widely read author. Shakespeare was born on 23rd April 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. By 1592 Shakespeare had attained success as an actor and playwright. After about 1608 Shakespeare's dramatic production lessened and he later died on 23rd April 1616. Roman Polanski was born in 1933 in France, but lived in Krakow from an early age. His parents were …

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…start to the film, with its universal, vastness, and wildness. There are also changes in his interpretation, that would not have been possible in a play, such as, the setting of the beach, and the camera angles used. The one thing that Polanski kept the same in the scene was the language that Shakespeare used, this shows that Polanski thought that this feature brought life to the play, and also brought about the play's uniqueness.