Discuss Chaucers approach to the problem of evil and death as portrayed in The Pardoners Prologue and Tale What conclusions can you make about the nature of medieval society

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In the ďThe Pardonerís Prologue and TaleĒ Chaucerís approach to evil and death are most apparent. Chaucer shows the Pardoner as being evil in all his actions. In the introduction of the book, Chaucer: The Pardonerís Prologue and Tale ís valid information is given as to how Pardoners were seen in Chaucerís time. They were seen as quite evil. Pardoners plotted their evil deeds under the good name of the church. …

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…rights as well as particular obligations and responsibilities of their rank or class. There was less downright brutal tyranny than there was in the centuries that followed the Middle Ages. Bibliography Works Cited Coghill, Nevill, and Christopher Tolkien. Chaucer The Pardonerís Tale. London: Goerge G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1973. Priestley, J. B., and Josephine Spear. Adventures in English Literature. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1931. ďThe Canterbury Tales.Ē The 1997 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. CD-ROM. Novato: California, 1997.