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Discrimination Throughout the years of US history there have been countless acts of discrimination, of all sorts, and there have been an immense amount of cases filed in regards to these acts. Although it is commonly believed that discrimination is always illegal, the courts have repeatedly upheld discrimination in some circumstances but not in others. In the case of Roberts vs. U.S. Jaycees and the United States vs. Virginia et al. the courts ruled …

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…the Boy Scouts were able to display that the inclusion of a gay troop leader would impose serious burdens Scout membersí freedom of expressive association and violates the 1st Amendment. Therefore the Boy Scoutsí proved a burden and a violation against their rights, validating and justifying their discriminatory actions. However, Jaycees and VMI were unsuccessful in proving any violation of their rights and imposed burdens on their organizations so their discriminatory actions were fund unjustifiable.