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The crossing of the Mississippi was a depressing experience for Indians and Women, the minorities, in the 1800ís. The long and harsh journey over scourging desserts, rock-strewn mountains, and icy rivers caused sadness and despair to both groups of people. The first group of people that moved west was forced to leave their homeland, Georgia. These Indians had developed an admirable culture and were civil humans. They adopted the white manís ways by wearing …

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…were discriminated and never were able to do what they wanted. These treatments were inhumane, especially to the Indians, and unjust to their personal lives. Today there is only a small portion of Indians still living in the eastern part of the US. Womenís rights have gained some steam but there are still some measures that are unfair and should be equal to the male. Bibliography Oates, Stephen B., Potrait of America: Vol 1. 7 ed., 1999.