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Son of Zeus and Semele, also known in both Greek and Latin as Bacchus. According to Ovid, when his mother was killed Zeus snatched her unborn child and sewed him into his own thigh. The Homeric Hymn to Dionysos (1) gives variant versions of his birth. He is unusual in that he has a mortal mother, the story of Semele places his birth much later than those of the other gods. Several stories tell of the …

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…the first man to introduce wine to Attica. His countrymen killed him when they felt the effects of the drink and thought he had poisoned them. Ikarios' daughter, Erigone, hanged herself (Apollodoros, 3.14.7). Dionysos was also associated with resurrection. He is identified with Zagreus, son of Zeus and Persephone who was killed, dismembered and eaten by the Titans. His heart was saved and he was reborn through Semele. Dionysos' connections with resurrection link him to Orpheus.