Different Types of Professioanl Writing

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Different Types of Professional Writing There are a wide variety of documents that can be used in professional writing in order to communicate. These different types of documents can vary in usage depending on the audience. The types of documents written by managers serve a different agenda than those written by employees. Due to the different in needs that each position requires the frequency of different types of writing is dependent on the job title. …

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…that letters, memos, and reports were the most frequent type of writing that they performed. (Kritz & Reep, 1990) In another study conducted by Mabrito, the author found that managers wrote instructional documents and reports most frequently were letters that managers received were mostly in the form of memos and reports. (Mabrito, 1997) Both of these studies show that even though individuals hold different positions the types of writing that they perform on a regular bases are similar.