Different Ideas of What Is True In the News

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As a child I repeatedly stood in line with my mother at the supermarket waiting to pay for our groceries. I often grew bored and found cheap entertainment in reading the thick, dark print of the supermarket tabloids. I would gaze my eyes and drop my jaw in shock at their stories; but, the one thing I never did doubt was the drama of their plots. As I grew older, I would watch television news …

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…upon the citizens of the world not to buy the supermarket ³rags², as a form of respect for to themselves. Reading from these ³headline grabbing² articles, insults not only those whose lives are spilled out among the pages, but those whose lives have begun to revolve around these despairing stories. It is a shame that entertainment and news can be so closely related, by fiction, not facts, by despair, not hope, and antipathy, not empathy.