Did we really land on the moon . Here Are ome explantion to why nasa csnt prove the landed on the moon.

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Did We Really Land on the Moon? Jerry Bennett Beattie/Rowe February 20,2003 Bennett 4 Works Cited "Apollo 11". Grolier Interactive Encyclopedia 2001. February 12,2003 "Apollo Program". Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2001 February 12,2003 "Moon Hoax". MSN 2-12-03 <Http:WWW.Apollo-Hoax.com> Yen, Bill. The Astronauts. New York:Exter Books. 1987. 52-68 Beattie 5th hr. Bennett 1 Did We Really Land On The Moon? Do you think we landed on the moon in 1969? NASA launched the Apollo 11 on a mission to land …

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…that time period. NASA has many unexplained defect about the moon landing. There are some they claim to know the answer, however, those scientists were paid to come up with solutions to the problems explained in the essay. You can believe what you want about the moon landing in 1969 but, this paper will make you think whether or not it happened. The moon landing was a hoax and there are the reasons to prove it.