Did The U.S. Follow Washington's Final Address From 1875-1925

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Part I The United States was an infant country in the late 1700's. At this time, this emerging power had the opportunity to create its own identity and position on foreign policy. The United States had many ties to Europe due to her being the source of the majority of its‘ peoples ancestries, while at the same time it was separated from her by an entire ocean. This has undoubtedly always made a huge difference …

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…to be haughty and intractable when accidental or trifling occasions of dispute.” In the time periods specified, the United States has time and time again acted as the world’s police force and done whatever it needed to so that our pecuniary betterment would be advanced or kept stable. Even though our causes may be ethically venerated, Washington never wanted the United States of America to become a protectorate of all the world’s nations.