Diablo3:Return Of The Primevils.

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All the soulstones have finally been destroyed. The prime evils have finally been rid from this Earth. Now what lies ahead? You return to your village to find everything destroyed. Nothing left but rubble and dead bodies. You go to your home to see writing in your families blood on the wall. It reads YOU MAY HAVE DESTROYED OUR SOULSTONES BUT YOU WILL NEVER DESTROY US!!! Wondering what this means you go out in search …

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…second and remember your village and family finally without any feeling of remorse you decapitate baal with great vigor. Then you see the spirit of Tyrael. He tells you that he has imprisoned the Primevils forever in hell so, as long as the gates are never opened again we are safe. You head home to your burnt down village and devote the rest of your life to rebuilding it. The new village is called NatalyaVille.