Dewar's Brand Repositioning

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Dewar's Brand Repositioning Dewar's was faced with a declining market among traditional Scotch whisky consumers. In addition, long-term consumption trends indicated that drinking preferences had shifted from distilled spirits to lighter, lower alcohol beverages. Though Dewar's had a favorable brand image and growing market share, repositioning Dewar's to younger adults was very necessary for the brand to remain competitive in the long term. Dewar's must take an appropriate repositioning strategy in order to create a …

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…various forms of advertisement for Dewar's in order for them to add Dewar's to their consideration set. As long as the drink tastes good, the consumer should be willing to try the product again, especially if it is seen as trendy and reinforced with advertising. In conclusion, by using coherent campaign and promotional activities, Dewar's should be able to successfully reposition their Scotch whiskey into a younger market segment while still maintaining its older customers.