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"Discuss how one of the sociological theories of deviance can be used to explain social phenomena, such as pornography, drug use, suicide and disability." 1 - Introduction 2 - A Brief background to the Interactionist Perspective 3 - More recent developments in the Interactionist Perspective 4 - Using the Interactionist Perspective to explain social phenomena 5 - Conclusion Introduction Deviant behaviour has sadly been a ongoing occurrence in society throughout history, more noticeably in life today. Sociologists have been provoked …

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…respectable, conventional, law-abiding majority."(Goode, 1990, pg 65) Interactionist theorists, in particular Howard Becker, argue that people who are stigmatised as both socially and morally unacceptable will have a tendency to turn to further rule breaking in the future. (Traub, 1994, pg 290) This is particularly noticeable in cases of Juvenile delinquency such as Aaron Cicourelís 1976 study. This study focused on what kind of juveniles would be brought to court and treated as a delinquent. Cicour ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**