Development of a Motivational Organization plan for a small business

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Organization's Motivational Plan I am President, and CEO of a small geneal contracting company. We are a medium size company for our market, with 20 employees. We operate in the residential, and commercial markets, specializing in higher end residential new construction and remodeling projects in neighborhoods which typically display homes of $ 250,000.00 or more. Tradesmen in this industry are independent, and perfectionistic. The craftsmen on our staff are some of the most talented carpenters, masons, and painters …

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…responsibility, involvement, and reward avenues to do so. 6. Increasing employee retention rated in an industry with unusually high turn over rates. Bibliography Bishop, J. W., Dow, S. K., & Burroughs, S. M. (2000). Support, Commitment, and Employee Outcomes in a Team Environment. Journal of Management, 26(6), 1113 Morris, D. S., & Haigh, R. H. (1996, June). Empowerment: An endeavour to explain an enigma. Total Quality Management, 7(3), 323. Robbins, Stephen P. (2001). Organizational Behavior (Ninth Edition), Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.