Description of the evolution of Romance literature and the use of heroism as a common theme

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As the Romance evolved, the themes and ideas it dealt with changed. However, throughout its history, courage and bravery have remained constant themes. When it originated, romances were written, as the are today, in either verse or prose, and typically involved legendary, supernatural, or amorous characters. As romances developed, the themes changed to regard knights, chivalry, and courtly love. The Arthurian Legend is the basis for what many people today know as Romance literature. It …

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…the society are interested in. Society tends to show interest in realistic stories that contain very accurate, detailed descriptions, along with elements of violence being accentuated. These romances typically have idealized characters, historical or exotic settings, and melodramatic tones. However, these novels are also becoming more sexually graphic and pornographic as they develop, with society's desires. Romances have evolved throughout history to suit people and they will continue to as long as literature is produced.