Descartes and how he came to his conclusions on the existence of the world. This was originally used for a presentation.

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Rene Descartes Before Descartes, philosophy of perception was much more straightforward - you either saw something or you didn't. Descartes noticed how hard it is to differentiate between seeing something in a dream and seeing the same thing in waking life (could give eg here). Our senses can obviously be deceived, so how do we know we're not being deceived all the time? How can we tell when we're dreaming and when we're awake? He …

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…resolve many theological issues in his book Theodicee (Theodicy) such as arguments claiming that God is lacking in power; that there is more evil that good in the whole work of God; and the it is impossible not to sin, hence always unjust to punish, amongst many others. ·Christian Wolff was influenced by Liebniz, although his rationalistic metaphysical doctrines were condemned for their fatalistic implications in ethics, they remained influential until subjected to Kant's critique.