Descartes Proof of God

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Truth is the goal of philosophy. Some philosophers, like David Hume, struggle with eliminating falsity, while others, like Rene Descartes, look for causes to explain effects. A cause and effect argument is called a causal argument. Descartes is interested in logic, one truth progressing to the next. Descartes gives a causal argument for the existence of God in Meditation III. He deals with the effect of the idea of absolute perfection in our minds and …

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…that the argument does not provide any justified reason to believe in God. That is, the result of Humeís critique is not atheism (the denial that God exists) as much as agnosticism (the claim that we donít know whether God exists or not). Now everything has an effect (an event) we want a cause. If you come across an event, to understand it, you must see it twice to understand the cause. (Notes)