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Descartes' first discussion of scientific method is in an unfinished work of 1628 titled Rules for the Direction of the Mind. The first 12 of the planned 36 rules deal with the general aspects of his proposed methodology, and are considered early versions of principles which made their way into his later writings. In 1633 Descartes prepared for publication a work on physics called Le Monde which defended a heliocentric view of the universe. That same year the Catholic …

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…Holland for eight years where he had no relatives and was free from political turmoil. Descartes continues discussing metaphysical issues which he developed more fully in the Meditations. Although Descartes' method had its advocates, it was also criticized by his contemporaries, such as the mathematician Pierre de Fermat, and ultimately dismissed. Leibniz says that Descartes' rules amount to saying "take what you need, and do what you should, and you will get what you want."