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The Meditations are one of Descartes most important works. They consist of his views on sensory perception, God and Nature. He considers the problems of the sources and nature of knowledge; the validity of truth; the nature and destiny of man; the existence of god, and the creation of the universe. Of the six meditations, the third is the most important. In the third mediation Descartes proves the existence of God, which provides him the …

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…falsity (p.99). Descartes defines God as being perfect- where one of the conditions is that God cannot deceive, since deception would take away from his perfection- in meditation three, and this allows him to make the above statement in meditation four. Descartes follows the same theme in meditations five and six. He bases his arguments in those mediations on the conclusion he reached in meditation three, that God exists and he is a perfect being.