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The challenge facing theologians is the problem of evil that questions the existence of an all-good, omnipotent God when evil co-exists. The theologians suggest solutions as to the co-existence of an all-powerful, all-supreme God and evil, which seems to contradict everything that God promotes. In this essay I will first discuss the theological problem of evil and the significance of human free will on the problem. Finally I will present the arguments of J.L. …

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…the existence of a omnipotent, all-good God by offering criticisms to the theologianís solutions that always invalidate at least one of the requirements of the all-good, omnipotent God. Until theologians can offer an alternate form of the free will argument or an other solution in which there are no possible criticisms, the problem of evil will continue to threaten the idea of the existence of a omnipotent, all-good God in a world of evil.