Deracialization in Black Politics

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Deracialization in Black Politics There is currently a debate going on regarding the significance of deracialization as an ongoing development in American politics. The term "deracialization," when applied to American electoral politics, refers to the conduction of a political campaign by a black candidate in which racial issues and themes are minimized, if not avoided completely (Perry 1). This is done to increase white electoral support, and the candidate is usually running for a position in …

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…this expands the representation of black Americans within the political system. Therefore, it is quite likely that the truest statement regarding the maturation process of deracialization is to state that it is in the process of maturing, because if there is one thing that seems certain about politics, it is that this system will continue to change and adapt to new needs of new voters and new circumstances with deracialization adapting at the same time.