Demolitian Man

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Uniformity vs. Freedom of Choice Demolition Man, a movie set in the year 2032, has several characters that have different beliefs on life. The movie takes place in San Angelos, California. San Angelos is a city that was built after an earthquake destroyed the city of Los Angeles in 2010. The city now appears to be governed by strict rules in order for peace, love, and harmony. There are two different groups in the movie representing powers …

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…be contrasted by their actions, language, and appearance. The people of the Utopian society are controlled to act, speak, and look the way Mr. Cockto wants them to in order to keep harmony throughout the city. Whereas, the people threatening the society of peace and harmony, do what they feel is right. Overall, people should be able to think for themselves, have opportunities to feel emotional, and to say what they believe without being violated.