Demographic Trends and Implications in Theme park industries

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Trend #1: Increase in single-parent Households. It is evident that in today’s society, one can see an increase in single-parent households. This demographic phenomenon will likely continue through the beginning of this new century. Before we can begin to strategize efforts to market our product to this growing demographic group, we must understand some history of this trend. There are several reasons that may lead to why society is seeing a steady increase in the …

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…long lines. The nation's population is growing and the adjustments needed to help theme parks remain as an enjoyable place should not be far behind. Above are a few suggestions that should be considered in helping one’s theme park adjust to the population growth that is inevitable. Russell, C., The Official Guide to the American Marketplace 2nd Edition. New Strategist Publications, New York 1995. Waldrop, J., “This is Not a Doomsday Scenario”, American Demographics. March 1994.