Delphi technique

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There are six factors that influence an individual's identity with a team and how the team fulfills their personal needs. The six factors are Member Similarity, Member Interaction, External Competition/Challenges, Somewhat Difficult Entry, Team Success, and Team Size. Member similarity contributes to team cohesiveness, as people feel more comfortable with their own opinions when others have the same views. People are also more motivated to interact with other team members and find it easier …

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…a final decision. Electronic brainstorming uses specially designed software that allows people to enter ideas into a server like database, which can be accessed by anyone. These ideas can be accessed by other people to come up with new ideas, without incurring the dynamic problems that traditional brainstorming sessions can hold. Electric brainstorming can be used by organizations that have a physical disadvantage where it is difficult for its members to assemble in one location.