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I. Environmental Factors I. Social Factors · Three of the most influential factors in home PC ownership were education, income, and children in the household. · Consumers are becoming more computer and component literate. · Companies are investing large amounts of money into network developments. · The low unemployment rate allows more people the opportunity to purchase novelty items. II. Economical Factors · Top five computer companies in 1999 ranking according to market share: Compaq (19.1%), Dell (10.3%), Packard Bell NEC (8.2%), IBM (8.0%), Hewlett-Packard (7.1%). …

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…as to relieve the intimidation felt by less experienced computer people. · Since Dell has created a reputable name for themselves, they should consider opening “Dell Centers.” Like Gateway, Dell should open strategically located computer stores. These stores would allow people, that do not buy computers direct, the opportunity to see Dell’s products, and have an expert there to assist them in their purchase. This would definitely help Dell increase their reputation and market share.