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Definition of Industry Defining Qualcomm's industry was extremely difficult. There was a myriad of different industry definitions for this firm. Every research source had a different industry definition, for this company. There were approximately fifteen contrasting definitions. It is a waste of time to list the colossal number of miscellaneous definitions. There were even several SIC Codes for this organization's industry. This outfit is part of the "Radio and Television communications equipment industry" under SIC …

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…individual product market is beyond the scope of this paper. In addition Qualcomm is not involved in all the diverse facets of this sector. According to S&P Industry Surveys, this firm competes in the wireless communications equipment segment of the communications equipment industry. I am defining this firm as a member of the wireless equipment communications industry, to simplify chapter two. In addition, this part of the communications equipment industry applies to Qualcomm's business.