Deep Sea Nine - Paradise

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The third Star Trek television, Deep Space Nine is set in the 24th century and chronicles the adventures of Starfleet officers who take command of a remote alien space station positioned near a wormhole on the edge of the final frontier. It involves a top rating cast and crew and continues the tradition of state-of-the-art effects. Deep Space Nine (DS9) is a Federation outpost on the edge of Cardassian space. Under the leadership of Commander …

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…Brien. It is implied to prompt the viewer into seeing things in their terms and reevaluates our own opinion of ourselves. Though it was good that Alixus as the villain was not killed off. Her character represented an optimistic human heroism, with determination and stamina. The two small children standing side by side looking at the camera at the closing scene of the episode, represents some of these anxieties and doubts apparent in the future