Declaration for War in 1917

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Declaration for War in 1917 Welcome fellow Senators. We are here today to discuss what the United States should do following Germany’s announcement of unrestricted submarine warfare and the sinking of the three American merchant ships. A resolution is put forth in front of the senators. The first section of the resolution says that: The U.S. Government authorizes President Wilson to use the Armed Forces of the Unit6ed States to wage war against …

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…killing of innocent American lives, for the violation of international law, for the plot of war against the United States, and because of the increasing public opinion for war. We have given Germany 4 too many chances, which they had totally violated and taken advantage of. It is finally time to do something about these “unfriendly actions” taken against us. Again Senators, I urge you to vote “YES” to this resolution and declare war against Germany.